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Ten things to know when buying your mixer machine

July 11, 2013

If you are a food supplier or someone who is just starting to begin selling your food products from home then you’ll probably be in the market for a good and reliable mixer machine. Having a mixer machine is incredibly useful for freeing up your time and workspace, allowing you to carry on with other tasks or even other mixes in a different mixer machine or mixing bowl which means you can produce several products at the same time. However, if you are new to the world of mixer machines then you’ll most likely not know what to look for in a good one. Here is a list of the 10 most important things to keep in mind when shopping.

  1. Look for a mixer machine with a firm and heavy base to it – this will make sure your mixer doesn’t shake when being used which would result in a poorly mixed recipe. It is a good sign of quality if the mixer is heavy.
  2. Attachments – having a variety of attachments means that you can use your mixer machine for more than just cake batter or cookie dough. You can find attachments to transform your mixer machine into grinding sausages, making ice cream, bread and yeast cake dough and even pasta.
  3. Planetary mixer machines are usually the strongest of all mixer machines and most competent utilising a single beater around an axis while rotating in the opposite direction, meaning it scraps the sides clean while mixing.
  4. A good, strong stainless steel bowl for your mixer machine that locks into place is absolutely vital. A similar glass bowl is definitely an acceptable alternative but can break easier obviously as it is glass after all.
  5. Look out for mixer machines that boast manufacturer’s guarantees – this is a good sign that the manufacturer is confident in their product.
  6. Hardy steel drive trains are the way to go when looking at the drive options. Mixer machines that are belt driven can slip while mixing heavy batters or bread dough.
  7. A good selection of speed settings is important as this again shows the quality of the product. You need to be able to whip eggs or cream into a frenzy while also being able to mix your bread and yeast cake dough slowly.
  8. Seek reviews and ask fellow bakers what they use, a personal review is often the best advice you can seek.
  9. Shop around. Usually somewhere a shop will have a selected deal on mixer machines so be sure to look around and peruse all offers for the best one
  10. Finally play with the machine in the shop before purchasing to get a feel for it, this way you will know what it acts like.

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