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Steps to be taken for having a clean mixing

April 7, 2013

In today’s era, mixing equipments have become an integral part of various processes in this mechanical world. Mixing nowadays is playing an important role in our life. Mixing if done properly can help in making our industrial processes very simpler and at the same time can also reduce the cost.

They sometimes just reduce the overall cost to huge figures. But, it besides providing all these facilities also can prove to be a great source of creating problems. Maintaining uniformity in all the batches and optimization of blending times are the topics which usually create problems and also at the same time play a very vital role.

So, to prevent all such circumstances to rule on you, it is much necessary that you pay attention to various factors. Paying optimum amount of heed to such factors helps you in reducing various health hazards in the environment and also prevents the mess to build up. Below some points are discussed. Read further to find out.

If you want to maintain cleanliness while mixing, you can go for sealing arrangements during paddle, vertical screw or ribbon blender operation.

It is not required that you should have your industrial mixers vacuum tight but it is highly recommended that your mixers should be at least dust tight.

You can easily eliminate dust particles by using vent ports that come with dust socks, discharge valves that should be dust tight and many others.

You can also prevent dusting to enter inside the mixers through the use of solids/liquids injection equipment. It generally comes with inline high shear mixers. Using these helps in omitting the need of dumping the solid waste directly into any open vessel and this prevents dusting to take place.

This also helps in decreasing the value of various airborne particles in plants. Cycle time is also decreased by the use of solids/liquids injection equipment in addition to providing the protection to the environment.

You can choose to go for some low maintenance or low cost options. High pressure homogenizers’ orifices are generally chocked due to the mechanical seals and clog failure. If you opt for cleaning the orifices then, charges that are charged by labour are more and this makes the process expensive. So, such types of mixing equipments always make your work easier and also reduce the unwanted stress.

Hence, keeping the above factors in mind you can easily get completed with the process of clean and efficient mixing.

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