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Significant advantages and uses of planetary mixer

October 31, 2013

planetary disperser mixer

A planetary mixer is a popular tool utilized in a number of industries ranging from food products, medical drugs, to construction materials. This equipment is meant to mix items properly, specifically when it is necessary to form a mixture with a paste-like consistency.

Planetary mixers are basically used in kneading and processing bread dough. They are also utilized in blending pastes and similar adhesives, products for the construction industry. In the pharmaceutical setting, manufacturers make use of this tool in mixing lab salves and pastes.

They are found practically in all settings; in food establishments, factories and manufacturing facilities, industrial and home kitchens, and construction sites.

How planetary type mixers work

A typical planetary mixer possesses two blades, each of which are mounted on its unique axis. In turn, each axis is found on top of a joint axis, allowing the blades to perform the same movement apart from having individual movement. Both blades turn in different directions.

The blades of the mixer have an appearance that’s similar to the blade of a fan. The unique movement of both blades permits thick ingredients to be blended in a fast and effective manner.

In general, planetary mixers are available in a variety of sizes, which means that they can mix as little volume as a pint of substances to as much as hundreds of gallons. Actually, planetary type is not made to blend liquid substance, albeit it can do so. Instead, this tool is created to mix difficult and thick ingredients.


1. Drum Planetary Mixer

Drum-type is a self-contained tool, the most vital component of which is the vessel where ingredients are added to. The mixer’s top part is a unit resting on one arm that swings open freely in order for substances to be added to the container. Drum mixers are normally utilized in food processing applications. They are light and portable. In many cases, they have wheels underneath to ensure easy movement

2. Commercial Mixer

It possesses the biggest size among all planetary mixer types. It is found in factories, and usually attached to the floor with bolts, to ensure total stability. Because of the huge size of the mixer, its vessel is capable of holding great volume of ingredients at one time. In spite of its size, commercial mixers are known to be fast when it comes to mixing ingredients.

3. Mixer only planetary mixer

There are planetary mixers with a housing that’s made differently so that it can act as a free standing vessel or drum. Mixer only devices are usually found within a construction setting. The mixing device is positioned inside the tub or a similar vessel to hold a good amount of ingredients for blending. Mixer only type can be held in the hand and so are portable. It can be placed inside a big-sized drum, container, or vat to mix construction materials fast and easily. Mixer-only is a popular option not only in construction but other fields as well, if only because of its minimal labor requirement.

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