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Several methods to feed different ingredients into mixing machinery

March 30, 2013

There’re several methods to feed different ingredients into mixing machinery from ingredients containers and dissolving tanks. We’ll take Ginhong’s cosmetic making machine for example to better explain the feeding methods.

1. The first method to feed ingredients into mixing machinery is to feed them manually.

Manual feeding is still the most popular feeding method nowadays in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. It’s especially suitable for adding solid ingredients into dissolving tanks.

When you make cream, there’re some waxes in solid shape which need to be melted in the dissolving tanks first. You take wax bars and throw them into the tanks for dispersing and melting. When the cream is almost ready after homogenized, emulsified and cooled in a cosmetic cream making machine, you add small quantity perfume into the cream manually through a hopper to add fragrance.

We can say that manual feeding is possible in every piece of mixing machine as long as you wish to do it. It’s easy and cheap.

2. The second method to feed ingredients into mixing machinery is to use vacuum.

Feeding ingredients by vacuum suction is a good and fast adding method. In our emulsifying equipment, we need to add the ingredients melted in the dissolving tanks to the main homogenizer mixer.

Firstly the main homogenizer mixer is connected with dissolving tanks by a plastic or stainless steel pipe. We generate vacuum inside the main homogenizer mixer by the vacuum pump. After the vacuum is generated inside the mixer, we open the valves on the mixer and dissolving tanks and the ingredients will be sucked inside automatically because of the pressure difference.

Vacuum feeding is possible in vacuum mixers only. You don’t need to add any other device to transfer the materials. It’s suitable to transfer liquids from both top and bottom of the vacuum tank. Powder ingredients are generally sucked by vacuum from the bottom opening of the vacuum tank to avoid dust floating above the liquids.

When you transfer finished cream to the vacuum storage tanks, vacuum feeding is also a good choice. You just need to make vacuum inside the vacuum storage tanks.

3. The third method of feeding ingredients into mixing machinery is to use pumps.

Also we discuss in “Several ways to discharge finished products from mixing machine to storage tank”, transfer pumps are not only a good choice for discharging finished products but also good at feeding raw materials.

You can use pumps to feed the raw materials into dissolving tanks or mixing equipment. It’s especially popular to transfer liquids and semi-solids. Pumps can be used in any circumstance to transfer the ingredients.

We generally use three types of transfer pumps for feeding materials. Centrifugal pump is suitable to transfer liquids with low viscosity and is popular in pharmaceuticals and food industries. Lobe pump is kind of an all-in-one pump which is suitable to transfer products from low to high viscosity. But it’s more popular when you use it to discharge the finished viscous products.

Screw pump is not very popular in fine chemicals industry because of its disadvantages of low-efficiency, difficult-to-clean/maintenance etc.

If you want to transfer the ingredients for a long distance, pumps will be a good choice.

4. The forth method of feeding ingredients to mixing machinery is to add by gravity.

In our YX mixing tanks, standard mixing tanks don’t have pre-tanks. But some customers request pre-tanks before the mixing tank. They may use these pre-tanks as weighing tanks or dissolving tanks.

These pre-tanks will be placed higher than the mixing tanks. That means the height of outlet of pre-tanks is higher than inlet of mixing tanks. A height difference is formed in this way which allows liquid and semi-solid ingredients to flow naturally into the mixing tanks by gravity. What you need to do is just to open the two valves in the pre-tanks and mixing tanks.

Feeding by gravity is suitable to add liquid ingredients into non-vacuum mixing system. And the height difference mixers design is very popular in big cosmetic making factories.

The above mentioned methods are common to feed raw materials into mixing machinery. If you know some other good methods, please feel free to contact us to share your cherished knowledge.

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