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Roles performed by a mixing equipment company

June 11, 2013

A mixing equipment company can encompass many roles – manufacturing, designing, wholesale and retail trading. Not all mixing equipment companies will perform all these tasks, some will only carry out one, while others will fulfil a few of these in different combinations. To understand the difference in these roles we will examine each position individually:

Manufacturing Companies

This is a pretty straight forward, obvious job for a mixing equipment company to perform. Some companies will only be involved in the manufacturing process of mixing equipment and then either sell it directly to their customers such as businesses, individuals or resellers. Sometimes they will have in-house designers and engineers or they might outsource this work to independent firms or contractors. Companies executing this task may specialise in one type of mixing equipment or they may manufacture many kinds, either catering to particular industries or to a mixture of these and/or individuals like small businesses or in the home.

Design Companies

Companies who design the mixing equipment usually are specialists in this field, employing many technicians, engineers, graphic designers and CAD programmers. They focus on updating and designing new mixing equipment sometimes for sale through their own retail section or, like stated above, it can have been requested by another company for their own retailer. When designing a new product or updating an existing one careful planning is needed, they have to focus on ease of use, efficiency, reduced pollution output, energy saving, easy cleaning, durability and cost effectiveness.

Wholesale Companies

These companies are almost always purely involved with wholesale orders. What this means is that they will purchase, in bulk, mixing equipment usually direct from the manufacturer and then proceed to sell the machines to retailers in bulk for a good price or at least better than they would get buying the same amount of equipment on an individual basis. They will not be involved in the design and/or manufacture of this equipment; although I am sure there is some companies out there that would provide an exception to this rule.

Retail Traders

Retail traders are the companies that will sell to anyone. They will provide the mixing equipment to individuals, businesses, plants or various industries. Usually they will purchase their stock from the wholesale companies, straight from the manufacturing companies or sometimes a combination of the two but the purchases will always be in bulk orders unless they have a client as them for a certain model or product they do not usually stock. They are hardly ever involved in any of the other processes listed above unless they are directly connected to the manufacturer.

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