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Roles of a mixing equipment manufacturer

May 26, 2013

A mixing equipment manufacturer can have several roles although its primary focus will be on building the equipment itself, just like the name suggests – it manufactures. These manufacturers can concentrate on one kind of equipment, one type of industry or mass produce many different types of equipment for a plethora of industries. They will distribute to wholesalers, retail outlets and many will sell to private customers, this may include them providing delivery options or outsourcing this to a special delivery company. They can have their own onsite shop or trade counter as well, or perhaps they provide onsite spares and servicing for their products.

Mixing equipment manufacturers will employ a vast amount of staff, fulfilling roles such as scientist, engineer, designer, graphic artist, researchers etc. Not to mention various managerial roles, customer service, retail and sales assistants, financial staff including accountants and general labourers.

Another service some mixing equipment manufacturers may offer is the rental of equipment, maybe to private individuals or large companies and industrial users. They may also take on specialist orders and custom projects.

Large manufacturers usually have more than one factory; sometimes within the same area or country other times they may own factories outside their country of origin that span the globe, which is necessary in providing local assistance to their customers and timely deliveries. Owning sister companies is another aspect of this business they may be involved in, these sister companies could deal with another side of the business which frees up the manufacturers from this worry (a good example might be a manufacturer who has a sister company that provides offsite servicing and replacement parts for their equipment) or it could be part of a wider industry – such as a cement company may be the sister company of a cement mixing equipment manufacturer.

All in all, a mixing equipment manufacturer can have and fulfil many roles but it will still be first and foremost a maker of these products. They have to research and realize new technology (hopefully before their competitors realize them also), know how to apply these innovative technologies, discover new ways to make their products ever more user friendly and efficient, stay ahead of the others in their industry by being indispensable and provide good value for money to their clientele, produce spares/parts and machines in a costly time and manner, test their various products time and time again, distribute them, advertise them and deliver them.

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