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Qualities of a good emulsifying mixer

May 24, 2013

Long ago, it was very difficult to separate products such as oil or fat because of the manner in which the molecules of the products were fused together. With technological advancements came the emulsifying mixer. This is a tool that has the capacity to create very fine emulsions of products. Many different industries make use of this tool and these include the cosmetic industry especially in making of shampoo, perfume and even toothpaste. The pharmaceutical industry also makes use of this tool as it aids in the coating of drugs. Finally we have the beverage industry where some of the drinks are made using the principle of emulsification.

One of the most important qualities of this product is shear energy. You need to select a tool that has very high shear energy because this will lead to smaller droplets being suspended in the mixture thus creating a very fine emulsion that will be more stable. You can only say whether a machine is good enough or not good enough depending on the size of these droplets. Another quality of a good machine that you need to look out for is the type of material that the machine is made of. Since your main aim is to create unique product, you may not want to end up with a tool that contaminates your end products. The tool should be made of rust free material preferably stainless steel.

The emulsifying mixer also needs to have a warranty. Most of the dealers who sell these tools normally don’t have warranty so you need to be very wise while purchasing your tool. With a warranty you can be able to return the tool whenever it malfunctions and it can even be exchanged for another similar tool. A good machine also has to have a guide on the use and care of the machine. This is because without sufficient care the machine will not be able to pass the test of time. You need to take you time to read through the manual and find out the best way to take care of your machine.

Finally you need to remember that even though the cost of a machine is an important factor of consideration when purchasing a emulsifying machine it does not have to be the determining factor. Most of the high quality tools are normally relatively expensive so you should always be ready to chip in a little deeper inside your pocket if you want quality.

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