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Proper use of control system in mixing system

April 8, 2013

You are required to act smartly for having an efficient blending or mixing system. It is essential that you are able to manifest optimum amount of different sizes in order to balance them.

Motor sizes, batch size, agitator size, homogenizer size, tip speed and shear, the product’s thermal capacity, viscosity, labor costs, energy costs and a couple of other things in a mixing system are required to be managed properly.

Mixing process no doubt helps a lot in our various processes but dealing with these processes is itself a typical task. Today, the most challenging task is to decide the specifications of your control system in mixing system.

Control system being chosen by you should be such that it is able to provide you with perfect accuracy, flexibility, reliability and consistency so that it is able to control your costs. Good control system provides you with various advantages. It not only serves as an interface or a mediator between the machine and the operator operating it. You can also make out the direct relationship between profitability and the mixing system.

The control system used in mixing processes has developed and evolved a lot today. Technology has achieved much advancement today and it serves of great use for the manufacturers. You can easily obtain the best level of accuracy through various modes like that of in sensors, intelligent valves, integrated PLC etc.

The increase in accuracy automatically increases the cost. In fact a small increase in percentage of the accuracy increases the cost of the item at a faster rate. This is the condition where you are required to show your balancing skills to maximum. Accuracy is a vital factor required but you can’t elevate the prices to that level. So, you are required to increase the accuracy to a certain level that it is not increasing the cost too much.

Now, the obvious question arises that how much accuracy is generally required for carrying out the mixing process successfully and that the price is also not increased too much. Generally, the procedure that is followed includes the transformation of raw materials into final product. Each step is affected by ph, flow rate, viscosity, temperature and vacuum etc. So, these points require the proper rate and accuracy for the mixing process to get accomplished successfully.

You are required to synchronize your cost efficiency and performance smartly. Getting in touch with an engineer who had seen and wisely solved such conditions is always a recommended step. His experience can prove to be of utmost importance to you to choose the right control system for your mixing system.

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