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Processing equipment in the food, dairy and beverages industries

May 25, 2013

Processing equipment is used in the food, dairy and beverages industries to bring about different changes, additions, combinations or stabilisations to various ingredients. For example, in the dairy industry milk must be pasteurised to prevent it from turning sour too quickly (which is what happens when microbial growths occur in the milk), this would be done by one of many processing equipment that the farm or factory would have onsite.

Looking more in depth at the types of processing equipment a dairy production would have we find:

  • Pasteurisation Equipment – this is the process that heats the liquid quickly to a certain temperature and then cools it immediately afterwards to delay spoiling.
  • UHT Treatment – UHT stands for Ultra-High Temperature processing is the sterilization of the milk via heating it for a tremendously short period of time, around a second, at a high temperature (above 135oC or 275oF) to kill any spores in the milk.
  • Aseptic Buffering – this is a method used to increase the length of time the product or its container will stay sterile.
  • Standardization – this is the procedure of applying technical or trade standards to the dairy products.
  • Mixing – a way to combine ingredients
  • Blending – as above
  • Dosing – where additive are mixed in to help sterilisation.
  • Filtration

In the food industry we have the processing equipment listed below:

  • Mixing – as above
  • Dosing – as above
  • Blending – as above
  • Continuous aseptic processing – this is similar to aseptic buffering but it is when the manufacturer will install something into the containers of the food product that will remain there to permanently keep the container sterile.
  • Heat treatment – this reduces microbiological flora that may be present and avoids alterations created in the food by non-pathogenic micro-organisms.
  • Homogenization – thickening to the desired consistency of the product or ingredient.
  • Batch food processing – as the name suggests this piece of equipment processes big batches of foods.
  • Aseptic buffering – as above

Now, as for the beverages industry, we have the following which are all processing equipment:

  • Aseptic treatment – another type of sterilisation
  • Pasteurisation – as above
  • Dosing – as above
  • Aseptic buffering – as above
  • Blending – as above
  • Extraction Soya and tea – this is where they extract the soya from the bean and the tea from tea leaves.
  • Sugar Dissolving – as the name suggests.
  • Mixing – as above
  • Carbonation – where they add carbonation to drinks to make them fizzy.
  • Homogenization – as above
  • Heat Treatment – as above

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