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Perfume mixer and its wonders

June 7, 2013

perfume mixer machine

A perfume mixer is a machine used to produce perfume. It does all the mixing, freezing, and filtering of the combined ingredients and then yields the fragrance that could captivate every human being. It is like the magic lamp you rub that brings about a magically amazing surprise – perfume.

However, a mixer for perfumes is not just another machine. There are a lot of interesting discoveries as you become more familiar with this special mixer. You will be blown away not only with its final product, the perfume, but also on how it works to combine the parts to make a whole. It uses a little bit of chemistry to bring you the world’s most effective aroma which can be used to mesmerize every human being.

Parts of a Perfume Mixer

Basically a mixer has a perfume mixing tank, diaphragm pump, and electrical control panel. It contains a chilling system and filtration system which work to incorporate all the ingredients, such as plants, alcohol, and oils. It takes these key ingredients which undergo particular processes like freezing and filtration. Other mixers may include separate tanks such as cooling and alcohol tanks.

How A Perfume Mixer Works

All of the parts of the machine work together to produce the scent that could be your own identifying mark – your very own special aroma. As the ingredients are poured into the tank, the diaphragm pump pushes them into the filters, where a number of filtering processes are done to get rid of any impurities. Then the freezer/chiller section of the mixer works to produce a minimum chilling temperature of about 1-15 degrees Celsius. This freezing process also helps in eliminating impurities, thereby producing a clear and pure scent.

Perfume Mixer and Chemistry

The fundamentals of a mixer are based on the processes – such as freezing and filtration. These processes that the ingredients of a perfume have to undergo help to make the chemistry an essential part of perfumery. Chemists who specialize in perfumery take their job seriously – searching for scents from plants and trees deep into the forest in order to satisfy the sensitive nerves of our noses. It takes not only an artistic perfumer but someone who is gifted with a nose that could distinguish one scent from another. In this way, the perfumer can combine these scents to manufacture an aroma that could turn heads attracting the people around you.

Without a mixer for perfumes, the world of perfumery is meaningless. There may be different models and types of these machines, old and new, but they have only one thing in common – they make perfumes. And as perfumes are considered as part of man’s everyday living, so are perfume mixers.

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