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Own a perfume making machine – venture into the business

July 10, 2013

Everyone wants to venture into a business enterprise that guarantees immediate revenue. The key to successful business is owning a perfume making machine with which you can manufacture a quality product.

The Perfume Industry

Perfumery is a large-scale manufacturing business that uses a perfume making machine in order to produce enough perfume products to be able to cope with high production demands and competition in the field. Perfume manufacturing is a small, but widespread, fraction of the whole industry of large fragrance and flavoring companies.

Among the large and renowned perfume houses are Chanel Fragrance and Beauty, Roure (the maker of fragrances for Dior, Yves St. Laurent, Calvin Klein, Nina Ricci and many others), Paco Rabanne (produces classic, sensual & visionary scents), among many others. All these perfume manufacturers are involved in the perfume making processes and use their very own perfume making machines.

Four main firms are known to manufacture 60% of the of all the quality perfumes available in the market. The remaining 40% are shared by small companies that strive to keep up with the competition. These companies are International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF), Roure-Bertrand-Dupont (now Roure), Givaudan and Firrninich.

The perfume industry recognizes big firms. International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) is the largest company quickly followed by Quest International, which is a British company. Each company has their own field master known as the “nose” that determines the formula of the fragrances and approves the product according to the set standard after undergoing operations on a perfume making machine.

The large perfume houses nowadays employ their own perfumers. They serve as creator of fragrances and oversee the meticulous production from collection down to the final processes of Aging. They supervise this process completely through emulsification and then extending to packaging, until the ready-to-sale product is obtained.

The Challenge – Get Started!

It is true that there are many pre-existing large, beautiful and already booming perfume companies nowadays, but never get discouraged for all of those who are already in the top started with baby steps. So get going by obtaining a perfume making machine, the sooner the better. Then, you can join in with the 30% that have established their spot in the perfume industry.

The secret to a successful business venture is loving what you do and putting your heart in it. It’ll surely be a rough start and there will be tough tides along the long way but with perseverance, commitment and the best perfume making machine, you’ll be a celebrated name in the perfumery business in no time!

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