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On tilting emulsifying mixer

August 19, 2013

Nobody like sticky dispensers and this is the reason why tilting emulsifying mixer is the most perfect choice you can make when it comes to sourcing for that awesome machine for that butter or margarine business you planning to set-up. This machine works just right; you see during the mixing operation, the outer anchor agitator rotates clockwise slowly and then its Teflon blades scraped off the vessel wall so that they will not stick to the wall and burn. Then its impellers remain inert so as to give the materials a counterforce that drives the cream into the high-speed-homogenizing-emulsifying condition. Due to the opposing forces by fixed impellers and wall scraper, the cream is whirled rapidly and repeatedly forcing the cream through the holes on the paddles and giving you that perfect blending. And then its super cooling system ensures that the device maintains manageable temperatures and you days job is done just flawlessly.

The Cool Features that Defines Your Appliance

A genuine tilting emulsifying mixer ought to have clear-cut amenities that define its supremacy in the market which should include among others:

  • The heart of emulsifying mixer must be a top entry homogenizer (emulsifier) and ought to comprise of one three-layer toothed rotor and one two-layer toothed stator
  • The design must be different from the homogenizer in vacuum homogenizer mixer
  • The rotor is connected with homogenizing motor at the speed of 3000rpm producing that resilient suction force
  • The materials must be cut, sheared, emulsified and homogenized through the shear gap between the rotor and stator
  • Then to jet out must be through the pipeline along the tangent of the rotor
  • Must have a water ring type vacuum pump that helps to transfer the ingredients from the oil and water phase mixers to the main tilting emulsifying mixer
  • It must have safety devices to guarantee you that during the mixing session the device will not start when the cover is raised and casual industrial disaster.

Possible Application for Your Ultimate Machine

Tilting emulsifying mixer is best suited for jobs such as:

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