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Mixing system definitions

July 15, 2013

Using the term ‘mixing system’ can cause some confusion as it is related to several different applications, such as industrial mixing, food mixing, drink mixing or paint mixing. All of these are described as or use the word ‘system’ to describe either the process one of them goes through or the method to achieve the mix.

Industrial mixing system

This refers to the process a material or materials go through when added to a mixing machine to produce an altered state or combination of materials with an altered state. Examples of these materials can be chemicals (used in cosmetics, medication, etc), natural materials like water, oil, tar, etc, different gases, additives such as thickening compounds and previously mixed solutions. Various mixing machines and attachments (such as paddles) are used in these systems to create the desired effect on the substance.

Food or drink mixing systems

A way of describing the method of combining ingredients in a recipe or the actual product, a unit or piece of equipment used to fulfil the mixing requirements. When used to depict the method of combining ingredients it can be the order in which to add these different ingredients, the way to mix them (i.e. stir, beat, blend, fold in etc) or a mixture of the two. In using this term for the product, unit or equipment it usually relates to a stand mixer, floor mixer or an industrial mixer used in the production of products for the food industries.

Paint mixing system

This is usually referring to a piece of equipment that looks like a giant vat, to which they pour different chemicals, thinners or thickeners, colour pastes and/or powders, then they violently mix and blend these to make different colours and textures of household or industrial paint.

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