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Lobe pump – how efficient is this machine?

December 23, 2013

Many are still unfamiliar with lobe pump tool, what its functions are, as well as features. Lobe pumps are positive displacement types of pumps that have dual-lobed rotors, which in turn revolve around a sealed and close fitting case. The rotors feature three lobes and are meshed in a way similar to that of gears, in order to avoid direct contact among them.

The outer edges of the lobes pass very closely to the casing’s interior surface. This way, the rotor is able to create closed pockets between lobes and casing as they encircle, transporting materials from the inlet of the pump on the casing’s side to the outlet of casing’s other side.

Which industries utilize lobe pumps?

These pumping tools are commonly utilized in industries and applications, particularly those that perform a series of gentle and soft pumping actions to materials. An advantage of using these machines is that they don’t cause any damage to the material. Overall, it is a popular machine that pumps certain solid materials, liquids, and suspensions in a fast and effective manner.

How these tools operate

The operation of lobe pumps is very similar to that of a gear pump, simply because the transfer pumps substances onto an enclosed case. Such casings are trapped in pockets or cells that are found in protrusion in rotating hubs.

In lobe pumps, two rotors or hubs are found in a closed and sealed casing. Its rotors feature equally-spaced lobes or protrusions that resemble the leaf of a clover when they are viewed closely.

The rotors move at opposite direction. They are installed in such a way that the lobe parts mesh. Still, they don’t make any contact with one another. While performing rotating actions, a lobe will go thru the space between the two other lobes without directing contacting them.

Space between lobe and casing of pump

The space between the lobes of the rotor and casing of pump is small, which means that the gap between lobes creates sealed cells while passing through the casing. Such space is the vital feature that helps in the transfer of pumped materials. As the rotor of the pump turns, they force materials into the inlet port located on a side of the pump casing. Here, they are trapped in the space between the lobe components in which it moves like the rotor going around the casing until it is finally discharged from the port located at the opposite end.

Soft and gentle action

Lobe pump machines are known for performing gentle and soft actions. They create little or even no concussive or abrasive effect on the material or substance that passes through it.

For such reason, it is the best choice of a lot of companies and facilities where soft and sensitive substances need to be pumped. This tool is likewise known to be highly flexible when it comes to dealing with all types of materials. It is used to transport solids, like tiny fruits and vegetables, fluids, oils and items that possess high viscosity.

lobe pump

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