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Latest system of emulsifier homogenizer

July 14, 2013

The Latest Efficient Hybrid System

Emulsifier homogenizer mixer system is the most recent generation of solid and liquid, liquid and liquid apparatus in the market. The system been constructed with extra trappings to ensure its vacuum configurations have been strengthened for efficiency, safety and reliability. The designers have ensured the rotor – stator system is also fashioned for ensuring efficient online mixer with a variety of matchless and cohesive purposes. This system is so compact that it utilizes a very small space and performs miracles speeds and production results the best in the market today.

The Features Defining the Latest State-Of-Art

Emulsifier homogenizer has features that allow it retain supremacy in the market today. There are very few machines that can compare with this beauty:

  • It is a hybrid that performs mixing, dispersing – homogenization, emulsification – homogenization
  • Adaptability in  production applications fit for dairy, beverage, food and pharmaceutical production processes
  • It maintains high hygiene standards no cleaving’s, the stainless walls ensure no particles formed or sticky stuff.
  • High efficiency works about 80% better than other machines greatly improved production efficiency, reduce production costs.
  • It excellent for high viscosity, insoluble materials (viscosity up to 90,000 mPas);

The System Specifications                         

Emulsifier homogenizer has very special benefits to its clients such as:

  • This efficient mixer is, cleverly designed precisely and efficient
  • High-speed rotation to a very high relative velocity
  • Limited wear and tear
  • Health centrifugal pump shaft, mechanical seal, and seals,
  • Powerful suction system for its vacuum  operations
  • A double filter protection system
  • According to customer needs, can be equipped with fully automatic operation system.

The Opportunities Availed By the Device

  • It’s ideal for homogeneous concentrated fruit juices, long fibers drinks, soup, a variety of jams, juices, mashed potatoes, mustard cake; yogurt, soft cheese, butter, etc.
  • Homogeneous mixture confectioneries: such as ice cream, chocolate milk, cocoa milk, CMC, starch, malt extract, etc.
  • Bio-pharmaceutical industry: tissue homogenates, tissue body crushed, injection, medicine ointment, microcapsule emulsion.
  • Beautifying products: emulsify all kinds of creams, lipstick, liquid detergent, cleanser, skin care products, shampoo.
  • Biochemical industry: resin emulsion, a surfactant, the dispersion of carbon black; dye coating.
  • Petrochemical industry: emulsified asphalt; modified asphalt; heavy oil emulsion; diesel emulsion; and Lubricants; silicone oil emulsion.

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