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Laboratory planetary mixer ensures efficient mixing and blending processes

February 17, 2014

Industrial mixtures and materials that are known to be highly-viscous are normally prepared via planetary mixing. A few common examples of products that are prepared using these machines are dough, gels, and pastes. Semi-solid compounds and formulations are produced at the highest quality via laboratory planetary mixer machines.

Single planetary mixer

Albeit there are research and development facilities that prefer using single type planetary mixers, the use of these tools is quite limited to smaller laboratories. Only a few manufacturers utilize them since they can’t handle extremely viscous materials, particularly compounds that are thick, sticky, and heavy. Single types also can’t process materials that are prone to climb and stick to stirrers.

Double planetary mixer

The standard double planetary mixer is the most popular of such type found in large-scale production and manufacturing facilities. Because of the limited capabilities of single type mixers, double planetary mixing machines have become more practical options. For one thing, they are equipped with double identical stirring blades, each of which rotates on its own axis as they revolve around the mixing vessel.

With double planetary mixers, batch components need to be recombined continuously and transferred from one portion of the mixing vessel onto another in order to achieve its homogenous state. Efficient in mixing process is also enhanced via the interaction of blades, which is not possible in single type planetary mixers.

Which planetary-type mixer to use

For users who need a highly enhanced processing of utmost flexibility and efficiency during a product mixing task, they should consider using dual planetary disperser. This tool can be used either as a classic dual planetary mixer or planetary disperser.

A double planetary mixer is a good option since it operates at low speeds whenever necessary. This equipment is capable of imparting shear to highly viscous materials.  Double planetary mixers are also able to handle products of as much as 6 million CP, provided it is used with the appropriate blade design.

Apart from processing viscous formulations efficiently, Double planetary mixers are also used in vacuum-drying solid powder. They can be utilized in the preparation of granulations. Likewise, this type of planetary mixer is ideal for high speed mixing.

For fine dispersion requirement

When processing liquid solid mixtures of between 100,000 CP and 2 million CP; a planetary mixer that can create high speed and low speed mixing actions must be used in order to produce the desired fine dispersion.

On the other hand, the latest planetary disperser models are capable of working on this specific viscosity range because they are able to impart high shear, even if the batch is low in viscosity that they can’t benefit from the kneading action of a double planetary mixer. Planetary disperser provides thorough mixing tasks of a planetary mixer, combined with the features of a strong and fast disperser.

Overall, laboratory planetary mixer is becoming well-known for its strong and focused processing power, coupled with a very high flexibility. This makes it a top choice among manufacturers that produce a number of products using a single mixer.

laboratory planetary mixer

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