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Justifying the initial cost of a new mixer

April 17, 2013

The decision to purchase new equipment for mixing cannot be taken lightly. It is a substantial amount of money that most engineers are not willing to lay down unless it can be justified. A significant spike in sales or mixer failure is serious enough to take the leap. It takes an investment of time and research to decide on buying new mixing equipment.

Simply an increase in production is not reason enough to consider such an expenditure. However, if a new mixing machine will eliminate or reduce production problems it may be the proper answer. If the production line suffers frequently from an overload of power or frequent maintenance woes it may be time to make that purchase.

There are many benefits that come only with the purchase of a new mixer. It will definitely save in the consumption of energy and offer a much cleaner operation. It may significantly shorten the time needed to create a batch and help eliminate dearation further down line. It will save on maintenance costs and also provide an environment that is safe for employees.

Besides these short term goals there are also many long term goals that will be met. It will result in a production increase. This is especially true if production tends to bottleneck. The new mixer will help keep the production line going smoothly. This can save large amounts of money in terms of time and cost of operation.

To ensure that the purchase is in the best interest of the production line, perform a multitude of tests. This is the only way to get a close estimate of cycle times, power loads and flow rates. If it is possible conduct the test in a facility that manufactures several various kinds of mixers. This can help with the final decision allowing you to fine tune and improve your present manufacturing process. Small changes such as the order of adding ingredients or apply vacuum can make a big difference in the procedure. Testing allows a good solid base of information from which to decide which new mixer is best for your particular lab.

Some programs which rent mixers and equipment may give a credit toward the purchase of new machines. It may be advisable to rent a test mixer for long enough to see if it will work well in your production line. This may make it easier to analyze actual costs and improve its efficiency.

The investment in new equipment is worth the time to do a lot of testing. It can impact the entire operation and its overall performance. Talk to those who are in the same business to see what has worked well for them. Take time to discuss strategies with the mixer equipment manufacturer. This will help ensure that you get the best machine for the project.

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