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Introduction of high shear mixing

June 25, 2013

Rotor–Stator Mixer Equipped For Powder Induction

High shear mixing is procedure in which fluids or powders are dispensed into a container and are rotated at very fast speed due to their resistance to gradual deformation by shear stress or tensile stress  to form emulsions or suspension or lyosols. This method is typically used in home-setups and manufacturing works or small workshop laboratories; basically the process is application of speed-based procedures to attain desired products, through usage of different machines with altered operating mixing systems. Another consideration is the ingredients to be mixed and the manner of mixing always takes cognizance of the mixing devices; thus it is crucial to identify the precise apparatus device-need before making that buying resolution.

Diverse Brand Features Mixing

It is always advisable to learn about anything you want to put your money into so as to keep future disappointment at bay. Herebelow are hard facts about the features that make high shear mixing such an easy task that failing to get yourself this great apparatus for that business you have been planning a commercial-crime:

Single Stage Shear Pumps: A shear mixer single stage dispersing machine is equipped with a high flow mixing tool that provides moderate shear for over-all purpose blending and homogenizing processes.

Single Stage Inline Mixers: This is a single stage dispersing machine used for the production of emulsions and suspensions that require a coarse-medium sized particle with a narrow distribution.  They have a variety of rotors-stator combinations and maintain a constant tip speed, for all machine size to ensure scalability; the facility has high quality surface finishes for easy cleaning, and self-draining.

Multiple Stage Inline Mixers: This is a high speed three-stage shear dispersing machine for the production of micro-emulsions and very fine suspensions. The three rotor-stator combinations are in multiple-series so as to produce a small droplet or particle size, with a very narrow distribution and can be easily interchanged, hence offering the ultimate in flexibility.

Powder/Liquid Mixing: Combines the solid and liquid, and disperses them into a homogeneous. This apparatus is very ideal for solids-solids and liquids-solids combinations; these process is high speed and promptly combines the solid and liquid, and disperses them into a homogeneous and has very high hygiene standards. It’s the ultimate business-decision for it’s saving on capital through reduced operating expenses.

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