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Industrial mixing machinery in laymen’s terms

April 22, 2013

Wake up in the morning and stumble to the washbasin looking for your toothpaste. A shower is a must to break the ice with the new day and feel refreshed enough to move on to more important things. Shampoo, body wash, conditioner and what-not is lined up on the bathroom shelf. A quick breakfast involves either cereal and milk, or a piece of buttered toast. What you wear to work must be ironed and presentable. The makeup must be right. So must your shoes be. Thank God for the availability of shoe polish. The nine hour day at the office would most likely have been unbearable without the customary 2 cups of coffee and the associated gossip or reading time. If cooking dinner gives you that tiny cut, the ointment at hand makes up for it. Going to bed brings with it the last step of your daily skin care regimen involving the application of night cream.

So where does mixing machinery feature in all of this? The answer is – everywhere. Each of the products referred to in the previous paragraph was manufactured in a highly customized environment, in heavy duty steel containers at extreme values of temperature and pressure. The key to understanding these products is the fact that they consist of the simultaneous existence of the particles of materials that are mutually insoluble and cannot be used in a solution in some other solvent liquid. For them to be successfully packaged as one mix, they have to be blended together by agitation in a tank, such that a huge centrifugal force is created and the particles are broken or torn into much finer ones. The final product thus consists of a homogenized mixture containing the particles of each of the individual ingredients, suspended together as a consistent blend.

Mixing machinery is perhaps the greatest invention of our time. Due to our complete and ever increasing dependence on products manufactured by this process, the demand for them is always on the rise. One cannot even begin to imagine a world where these familiar commodities are not available by just paying a few bucks over the counter. One look at the equipment used to produce them changes the picture, though, but then that is the quality of a great invention; once born, it remains on the sidelines unnoticed, while the lives that it makes easier and better are enjoyed to the fullest.

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