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How vacuum emulsifying machine works

August 15, 2013

vacuum emulsifying machine

How vacuum emulsifying machine works is unknown to common people. Emulsifying machine can be used to manufacture cream that can be used in medical, cosmetics and food industry.

Vacuum emulsifying machine is made up of scrapping mixer, steam heating, homogenising pot, temperature manage system and electric control cabinet. Temperature manage system is capable of making the product hot or cold. High temperature keeps the material in liquid form.


Top quality stainless steel is being used for pots and welded parts. The process of the emulsification is completely covered so that dust particles cannot enter in the cream. It prevents the product from microorganism and pollution. Cutting and dual mixer is used to produce centrifugation in homogenizer. Different types of speed regulation are implemented by perfect variable regularity speed. This apparatus is equipped with exclusive incorporated inspection window and enclosed-type enlightening lamp for scrutinizing emulsifying status. The exterior is covered aluminum silicate to switch off operators from scorching and make certain safety manufacture. The cadaver has inlet plus outlet of cold water. Miscellaneous package combined are on the top of boiler.

Subsequent to the necessities of developing technique of cream and ointment goods, highly developed dispensation equipment from in a foreign country is initiating to particularly intend bottom homogenizing vacuum emulsifier equipment. In this regards this apparatus can meet up scientific necessities of ointment developing and emulsifying of medicine, cosmetics and others goods. This manufactured goods is tranquil of vacuum emulsifying and stir up tank, boiler of the oil phase, boiler of the water phase, hydraulic system, automatic feeding system of the vacuum pump, electrically control arrangement and other procedure. Generally, this device has easy operation, high manufacturing effectiveness and sensible formation of constant homogenizing presentation.

Functions of Vacuum Emulsifying Machine

Vacuum emulsifying machine is multi-dimensional. It can perform a lot of tasks. Some of its important functions are described below.

• For an ultra high viscosity material use easy emulsifying through mixing. (For stuff with viscosity of greater than 50000 cps).

• This device can suck the stuff into its tank straightforwardly.

• This device can also be used for heating and cooling in an inline manners, vacuum and pressurizing.

• It can complete micro grinding, agitating, emulsifying, homo mixing, and dispersing in a very short span of time.

• Paddle mixer and homo mixing emulsifying machine can be used individually.

• Button control and adopt panel are automatic.

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