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How to use the toothpaste mixer

May 16, 2013

The toothpaste mixer is used in the cosmetic industry for creating different varieties of toothpastes. Some providers are adding calcium, fluorine and any other substances for whitening the teeth of the clients and removing the risk of dental decay. This mixture can only be done by the toothpaste mixer because the propeller can support any chemical substance and also they are offering the perfect viscosity for toothpaste. The mixer is formatted from two propellers, and a big stocking tank, because the toothpaste is produced in massive quantities. In some factories, under the mixer, there is a cone, where the substance accumulates, and then the substance is packed into the tubes of toothpaste. The production process is very simple but the problem comes when the mixture needs to be created, because not everyone knows how to use the toothpaste mixer, how to constantly eliminate the pressure, how to boil the substance, how to cool the substance or how to simply mix the substance.

If you have your own toothpaste production, then you should hire a specialist to work with the mixer, because those who don’t have enough experience will certainly create something that can’t be named toothpaste, which means that you will lose some profit. If you don’t want to have problems with the toothpaste mixer, then you should teach your workers how to work correctly with it, and when you are purchasing a mixer make sure that you’re obtaining warranty too, because you can’t be sure about the quality, and you don’t know when defections might appear. Also, some defections are not appearing because of the workers. Sometimes the defections might appear because the mixer is old, and maybe it started to rust in some places.

On the other hand, if you want to produce high quality toothpaste and you want to have a good toothpaste mixer, then you should talk with a specialist and control the condition of the mixer at least once per month, and this way you can be sure about the healthily of your workers. Also, tell the workers to inform you as soon as possible if they notice that the mixer is no longer working properly, because fatal accidents might occur because of a broken mixer, especially in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, but as long as you take care of your own mixer, you don’t have to think about accidents and monthly reparations.

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