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How to use the cosmetic machinery

April 25, 2013

If you’re working in a cosmetic factory and your duty is to make sure that the cosmetic machinery is working properly and that the mixture is what the chemists are looking for, you should be very careful, with a lot of patience, and you should have some knowledge in the computer domain. The cosmetic machinery is working very simple: there is a propeller which is rotating into a container. The propeller is connected to a computer, which is making the propeller to move into a certain direction. Also, you must use the computer to set the number of rotations that the propeller should perform per minute, or per hour.

In the cosmetic industry the viscosity of the mixture is very important. For example, the shampoo shouldn’t be just a simple liquid as the water, but it should have some extra viscosity and same thing for the shower gels. Also, the facial creams are having a big rate of viscosity. Also, if you’re working on the cosmetic machinery, you should also have to add the liquids into the container. When the process is over, you will check the viscosity and to see if everything is alright with the mixture. The mixture will be then bottled, or packed, according to the product.

If the company is working non-stop, then you will have someone to exchange you, but if you have a closing program, you should close the machinery and you should also clean the container. Also, you’ll need to learn how to work with the cosmetic machinery’s computer program, and to learn how to set the values according to the requirements offered by the chemists. They know better what kind of mixture they need for creating soap, and their first duty is to study it into the research laboratory. After that, they will offer the ingredients for the mixture, but for a bigger quantity. And here your duty starts. You’ll have to set the number of rotations for the propeller, how many hours the propeller should rotate, and if it has to change the angle, because that’s how you obtain the viscosity, but not only. During the manufacturing process, you might have to add some more substances, to obtain the colour and the smell of fruits, for example. It’s very important to follow these steps, and that’s how a cosmetic machinery is working properly, and without creating any problems.

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