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How to use a pharmaceutical mixer

April 19, 2013

As in every producing industry, the mixer is the most important machine from every factory or laboratory. In the pharmaceutical industry the mixer is also very important, because the pills, syrups, and vitamins are produced by mixing different types of solutions for obtaining the desired product. When the solution is done, it will be transformed in the shapes of pills, or, in case of cough syrups, for example, the solution goes straight to the bottling machine. This means that there’s no pharmaceutical product created without the help of the pharmaceutical mixer.

As in every type of industry, the pharmaceutical mixer is guided by a computer, where the speed of rotation is set, and the number of rotations that the propeller should perform, for obtaining the desired viscosity for the product. It’s not hard to work with one of these mixers as long as you get used to the program that controls the whole machine. You set the speed, and you also set the rotation time. It’s very important to set everything according to the requirements offered by the chemists, because you can destroy the whole solution, which means that you’ll destroy the whole production.

As long as you don’t have to work with something hard, the only thing that you have to do is to keep attention to the recipe. Also, be careful what solutions you’re putting into the mixer, and check twice to be sure that you’re doing the right mixture. Because people who didn’t knew to use the mixer, some factories are losing the monthly profit, because they can’t offer products and there’s also a waste of solutions. The prejudice will be paid from the employee’s salary if he is guilty for destroying the production. You certainly don’t want to go through this, and that’s why you should follow all the guidance and you should be careful with the pharmaceutical mixer.

The pharmaceutical industry is very sophisticated and if you make just a single mistake the whole production will be compromised. It’s very important to have some knowledge and to inform the staff if the mixer it’s no longer working. Problems may occur from time to time, because there’s no machine that can last for an eternity, but make sure that the mixer it’s not broken because of your fault, because you’ll have to support the full costs for repairing the mixer, only if it was your fault.

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