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How to maintain cosmetics machinery

May 23, 2013

If you’re working in a cosmetics laboratory and your business is to use machinery that you should know how to sustain it. Your duty is to work properly with the cosmetics machinery that you need to use, for example a mixer, and to maintain it clean and working. It’s very important to maintain everything in a perfect condition, because you will be held accountable if something is damaged at the machinery that you need to use. You must work with the mixer carefully and avoid overburdening the machinery. Also, if something it’s not working properly tell that to your employer, or discuss with a specialist. If something it’s not working well you shouldn’t try to repair it by your own, unless you don’t have any knowledge about the cause of defection.

It’s not hard to work with cosmetics machinery, but technical problems appear every time, because there’s no machine or device that lasts a lifetime. However, the main problems appear from the incapability of the employees to work properly with the machines, overusing the machines and never letting them time to restart or time for “rest”. Also, you should be careful with the mixtures, because some solutions can destroy the mixer, but that would be the fault of the chemists, because they developed a dangerous mixture. Everything should be safe and you shouldn’t force the mixer to offer more production than it can offer. Also, if your employer is telling you to test the limit of the mixer, don’t do it, unless you don’t explain him the things that might happen to the mixer if it’s overused. Also, it’s very important to shut down the mixer after you’ve finished the work with it.

As long as you work properly with the cosmetics machinery that you need to use you won’t have to worry about early defections. On the other hand, the machine might have warranty, and if something it’s not working properly or the whole machinery is destroyed, your employer might have the luck to get free repairmen of it. However, this situation shouldn’t happen too frequently, because you might have to pay for the next reparations for the cosmetics machinery that it’s not working because of you. That’s why you should be very careful on how you’re using the machines, because the reparations for the industrial machineries are very expensive, and are not affordable for an employee.

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