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How to find the right mixing machine manufacturer

July 26, 2013

The realm of mixing machine manufacturer is not only a vast one but sometimes a little bit of a minefield, or so it may seem when you first step into it. Do not worry though, we all feel like this at first and if you just pay close attention to a few details you will be up and running with them in no time.

There are certain things to watch out for and avoid and also other things to look for and run to, we will list all of these in turn in this article.

Things to look for

Your choice of manufacturer should always have a strong and wide knowledge base of your industry, this is obvious when looking at a specialist in your field who only manufactures mixing machines for that industry but a manufacturer who produces many different mixing machines for a vast amount of industries should still be able to give advice on all of their machines.

They should also provide a guarantee or warrantee for any machine they sell, the manufacturer who gives these as part of the sale price shows that they are confident with their product and its longevity and those who do not offer this are not worth your time.

Look out for price matching. This is where a manufacturer is so positive that you will get the best price from them and the best product that they are willing to match any prices lower than theirs that you may find.

Another important factor to consider is do they produce exactly what you need and if they don’t will they take custom orders? If they do take these types of requests it again shows that they are not only confident in their ability but also that their approach is a customer orientated one. This will always be useful.

Things to avoid

Avoid any manufacturers who do not have their business and factory address obvious and readily available to potential customers. You can usually find these on their websites, if you cannot, be wary.

Manufacturers who are hard to get hold of before you have even placed an order are also ones to avoid. Unless they have a dedicated current customer phone line there is no excuse for this and it will not get any better once you have made a purchase from them. If you can’t get a hold of them now, why would this change after completing an order with them? It’s not worth the stress.

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