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How multi shaft mixers work

April 18, 2013

Now that mixing equipment are the rage in the field of industrial scale manufacture of emulsions and suspensions, it is only natural that there is, and will continue to be, the need to constantly update the technologies in use and come up with newer and better innovations that will save time, energy and human effort. Multi shaft mixers make up one such category of much needed and highly potent innovations. In essence they enable two or more individual mixers to work simultaneously at creating the same homogeneous blend. There is of course the obvious saving of time, as a single mixer would have taken several multiples of the number of hours the multi shaft system tends to consume. There is also the latent advantage of achieving better viscosities, and the default cleaning up of the inner walls of the mixing tank by scraping off stray particles of the ingredients during the mixing process.

Due to the extreme precision made possible by the multi shaft mixer system, the most delicate and complex blends involving large numbers of participating ingredients can now be manufactured, whether by dispersion, emulsification, blending, heating or cooling. The immense versatility of this system equips it to handle the blending process involved in the manufacture of highly viscous products such as toothpaste and hair gels, to lotions and very fine grain creams as well.

The shape and size of the multiple shaft system makes it save on floor space as well. Being tall and slim, they do not require a fresh investment in a wider tank that will be able to support more than one mixer at one time. They are also adequately programmable and automated, such that presets can be fed into them and stored, making it possible to repeat a mixing process once conducted over and over again without any need to monitor or see to the process again. Some preset conditions come preprogrammed while others can be fed in as and when required. This is a very strong advantage at a time when dependence on human labour is unreliable, erratic, and often erroneous due to its obvious subjectivity. In the laboratory, all measurements must be precise leaving absolutely no scope for error, especially in this day and age when the products that we use are characterized and distinguished from others by the exact proportion of their ingredients. The industrial equipment of the modern age must be good at what it does, but more importantly, must be smart as well.

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