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How does a cosmetic mixing machine work?

April 11, 2013

The cosmetic mixing machine is the hygienic closed high shear machine that can quickly incorporate higher percentages of powders plus can manage relatively high viscosity blends. It is specifically ideal for incorporating difficult liquids and powders with the tendency to float as well as a raft. For volume powder dispersion, the manufacture of this tool offer a unique powder and liquid mixing system able to incorporating powders at the rates of approximately a huge quantity kilo per hour.

Furthermore, this tool can make the cool to the materials and provide the heat to the materials through the injecting the cold and hot medium in the jacket that is included on the outside of a mixer cylinder. This machine uses the pump industrial water just for cooling along with steam as well as hot oil heated through electricity for heating.

The cover of the mixer can be built as full open style within the very little scale production place so as to feed material by hand and clean the inside of the device by the users. Moreover, cone-shaped spiral belt mixer provides the benefits of compact structure, minimal energy consumption, very soft mix movement along with few friction heat, generally used in the combine environment of minimal mix volume and even high value included with minimal volume of the device.

While requiring self-heating, the company normally connects the heating thermocouple in the bottom side of the jacket filled with heated oil to fulfill the heating requirements at low temperature. Additionally, the conditioned users could heat the heated oil exterior and after that pump the oil in the jacket to make sure that the materials are heated evenly.

The agitating portions of this series appliance are quite simple with helical moving blades out of the main axis driving the materials from the up to down plus exterior spiral belt distributed through cone-shape, jointing strongly with the cylinder to lift up the materials from bottom to upward.

The cosmetics mixing machine can complete the all process even mixing by electromotor driving together with screw agitator through reducer to move with the exterior spiral belt pushing the material out of down to up with cylinder wall within mixing chamber and also inside screw dislocated chopping the central materials from upward to down, permitting material to interdiffuse, cut, convect, dislocate as well as mix within the cone-shape blending chamber for offering the material to create the irregular compound exercise by full orientation space.

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