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How do you know your mixer machine supplier is reliable?

June 17, 2013

When looking for a mixer machine supplier, you want someone you can trust, that will deliver the goods on time with no fuss and, of course, you want a good price. How do you work out though if a mixer machine supplier is a good one or not?

Whether it is a concrete (or other building materials), food and baking products or pharmaceutical materials mixer machine you are after, you want reassurance that your supplier is a good one.

If you are looking for a mixer machine that mixes more of the at home kind products such as bread, cake and biscuit mixes, various food and drinks then you can try your usual consumer sites such as manufacturers own sites, specialist suppliers such as catering equipment websites as you may get a surprising deal. You can go and take a look around big name shops but don’t forget to check out your local independent stores as they are quickly becoming just as cheap as the bigger chain stores but when doing this, stick with brands you know, enquire a lot about the product, always ask if it is brand new or ex-display and never buy on sight alone – ask them to show you it working and touch and feel it.

When seeking suppliers for the more industrial type of mixer machines, usually many people are already familiar with industrial professionals who offer these services. If you are new to the industry completely the best way to make sure you get a trustworthy supplier is to check out what mixer machine suppliers your competition and other professionals in your field use. Sometimes you can find this out by perusing your competitors website or look for your competitions logo on the mixer machine suppliers websites as they will want to boast about working with many reliable companies who are known for a plethora of good work. Being in industry means you have more to lose by having an unreliable supplier or one who eats into your profit margin so be careful with what they offer and shop around. Once you have found several companies used by others you admire or are in direct competition with, go and see them, see their premises and see what their offices are like. Well run and efficient offices will be a good sign.

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