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How a vacuum homogenization mixer operates without hydraulics

May 20, 2013

A vacuum homogenization mixer is a type of machine that is used in the manufacturing of emulsion and dispersion in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. The equipment has been designed according to the latest technology for ointment production as well as cream. The mixer is equipped with features like water phase mixer, electrical control panel, oil phase mixer, temperature control system and vacuum system. Today, it is possible to get vacuum homogenization mixers which do not have hydraulics. They are the most advanced mixer design from Europe and they are effective especially for customers who want to make cream and those who are on a limited budget.

A vacuum homogenization mixer which does not have hydraulics operates in a unique way. During the mixing process, the anchor rotates clockwise very slowly. The materials are then scraped off and they move upwards so that they do not stick to the wall of the tank. The mixer is equipped with two impellers to give the materials a counterforce and to drive the cream downwards into high speed homogenization. The cream goes through the holes around the paddles and this increases the mixing effect. When the cream is mixed completely, the heat from the jacket is going to be transferred to all the parts.

The rotor stator homogenizer is the heart of a vacuum homogenization mixer. It is composed of a three toothed rotor and a two toothed stator. The rotor has been connected with a homogenizing motor by flanges.  Materials which go into the rotor are cut, emulsified, sheared and then homogenized. They are then later accelerated to move out through the pipeline.

Today there has been an increase in the use of vacuum homogenization mixers. Whether it is a pharmaceutical or food company, you will get high quality mixers being used at the place. Technology is also upgrading the quality of vacuum homogenization mixers. For instance, today there are so many vacuum mixers which do not allow materials to get sticker during the process.

If you are planning to purchase a vacuum homogenization mixer, it is vital to buy the one which can handle different elements. There are so many firms in the world that make vacuum homogenization mixers for various purposes. Therefore, if you are planning to purchase a mixer, it is prudent to carry out research whether online or offline. But, it is good to do research online because it is simple, easy and convenient.

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