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Horizontal ribbon mixer – blending tool for materials of all phases

January 6, 2014

Horizontal ribbon mixer is a type of mixing tool that delivers highly efficient and uniformed materials. It is known to easily take in and work on large volumes of substance without having to suffer in terms of product consistency and overall quality. While this tool can be used continuously over a long period of time, it consumes just a low amount of power. Likewise, it hardly produces pollution and causes little or even no damage to frangible substances.

Where is horizontal-type ribbon mixer used?

This equipment is used in the mixing of either powder and powder, or powder and liquid combination of substances. Manufacturers opt for this machine when processing materials that are highly viscous or paste-like. It is also the tool to use when mixing substances that possess large specific gravity, like stone coatings, putty, and metallic powders, among many others. This mixer is currently being utilized in a variety of popular industries and field such as pharmaceuticals, foods, chemicals, dyes and coloring, pesticides, ceramics, plastics, paints, thinners, mortar, and gels.

Because of the efficiency and reliability of ribbon mixers, processing of even the most complex and difficult products has become easier, more productive, and less expensive. In fact, no major manufacturing firms and companies operate without the presence of horizontal ribbon mixers in their production floors.

How it works

This mixer is made up of typical transmission parts. Included in its components are dual ribbon agitator and U-shaped cylinder. Along the direction of its rotational movement, the exterior ribbon forces all materials that originate from two ends to meet at the middle part of the machine.

On the other hand, the interior ribbon pushes such materials from the center to the two opposing ends. Ribbons moves along a variety of angle directions, effectively carrying the materials and making them flow towards different directions. Through such continuous convective circulatory movements, the tool is able to shear the entire materials thoroughly and in the fastest time possible.

Typical function of horizontal ribbon mixer

1. Discharging is electric, manual, or pneumatic mode.

2. Main shaft sealing is by way of packing, mechanical, or packing and gas seal.

3. Drive time is either coupled or belt and chain / divided type.

4. Agitator is in the form of either dual-direction or single direction continuous ribbon.

5. Materials that make up the devices are: carbon steel for parts and surfaces that are in contact with the material; and stainless steel for the interior portions of the machine.

6. Openings of the cylinder are standard flange, dust collector ports, and manual charge ports.

7. Discharge valves may be in forms of butterfly, plum, ball, or flap valve.

As it is, horizontal ribbon mixer is highly popular in most industries because of its extreme versatility. It can be utilized in batch mixing as well as in continuous processing. Suffice it to say that this tool is one of the best choices when blending materials of all phases. The operator is assured of being able to obtain the finest quality formulations from the use of such machines.

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