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High shear mixing system

July 2, 2015

high shear mixing system

Infusing Structures: The Dictation of the Supremacy of a Machine

Any brand operating systems must be exceptionally good, customer-tailored, reliable, efficient, ease-to-use and user-friendly to all its clients. High shear mixing system gives you the best constructed machines that have superb features that work to give you total satisfaction on their production performances.  In food processing industry, this brand is rated to be the top actor when it comes to leaving its customers satisfied. If you are planning to venture into any food business, this is your perfect bet, try it today.

 The Superb Various Operating Systems Available

High Shear Mixing System is the hallmark of this brand; the designers never left anything to chance, they are synchronized to operate smoothly from material entry point to the end of production line. The brand has a huge list of machine from various manufactures; each having their title trademark but the brand name does not change- it will always be a shear this or that and the specifications are the same albeit extra trappings to due to marketing gimmicks! The following are a few of what is available in the market:-

  • You can get a low shear mixing/blending with high recirculation in a sealed environment, with complete absence of rotating shafts or seals. Its bottom-to-top mixing flow generates excellent solids suspension with rapid homogenization. A large effective turndown ratio adapts to variable batch sizes with ease.


  • Available is also a continuous mixing systems that incorporate high quality mixers and blenders. The systems are designed to meter, dispense, mix and transfer all in one production-go. Electronic controls can be simple, manual type of operation, or very sophisticated designs with automatic controls and graphical interfaces. The applications include foaming systems, fuel blending systems, powder-liquid mixing plants and edible oil systems.


  • A continuous mixing system that can take two or more streams of material and instantly disperse the materials into a uniform product, without re-circulation which is fitted pumps, flow meters, mixers, controls, and everything needed for a complete business functioning.


  • Then there is a high shear mixer and granulator is a multi-purpose processor equally suitable for high speed dispersion of dry powders, aqueous or solvent granulations, effervescent production and melt pillarization.


  • Then there is Plus Granulator with both low shear planetary mixers and high shear granulators in the range, a multi-purpose processor equally suitable for high speed dispersion of dry powders, aqueous or solvent granulations, effervescent and production.


All these operating systems are what define the high shear mixing system and the services they are intended to give you.

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