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Features of processing machine

July 4, 2013

Whether it is for processing food or non-food products, a processing machine must have the right design that addresses all critical issues that can arise in the course of its lifespan. Most importantly it must be easy to use; otherwise it will be illogical to own it for it will be irrelevant to its suitability. Matters of hygiene are a must; because they have an impact on human life and could cause industrial disaster and affect the business adversely. Equipment that is handled by people has to have some basic principles to prove it is human-friendly. These are some of issues one needs to confirm, before buying any machine for whatever purposes.

Processing machine must have minimum feature that addresses:

  • Facilities for creating adequate hygienic standards
  • Facilities for creating safety
  • Facilities for creating adaptability to various needs
  • Clearly understandable instructions on overall  equipment Location
  • Must have good material used in the construction of equipment
  • If possible it must be made of metals or plastic in place of wood and can be cleaned by thorough scrubbing with detergents and sterilities
  • Stainless steel is the preferred material for these foods but it is expensive and often unobtainable, plastic is a suitable alternative
  • Metal joints should ideally be welded with a continuous weld which is ground to a smooth finish with a grinding tool-all Cracks, fissures, weld nodes and burrs should be smoothened completely.
  • These precautions prevent the accumulation of food and other applications and allow easy cleaning.
  • All bearings leak oil or grease to some extent and should therefore be positioned outside the equipment or sealed
  • Electrical wires should be grouped together where possible and placed inside a smooth conduit for easy cleaning and protection from water splashes
  • Electric motors should be enclosed for similar reasons
  • Pipes for steam and hot water should be insulated for safety and the insulation should be covered with a smooth material for easy cleaning
  • Machines should be supported off the floor for proper cleaning underneath
  • The place where the support legs meet the floor should be carefully designed to prevent soils accumulating – minimum number of supports should be used
  • The insides of pipes and equipment should be easily accessible for cleaning with brushes
  • Dead-ends to pipes should be avoided and all bends should be smooth and never right-angled

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