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Emulsifier homogenizer machine – mixing process made more efficiently

December 30, 2013

There are a number of major concerns that users are able to encounter when they utilize the emulsifier homogenizer machine. Since total sample homogenization is basically the end goal for every homogenizing activity, it is unfortunate that many users experience the difficulty of achieving the breakdown of samples in a number of situations. Another issue that crops up during homogenizing process is the problem of cross-contamination.

Furthermore, users that deal with a great amount and volumes of samples on a regular basis have discovered the process to be a laborious and time-consuming one. As it is, cleaning the generator probe after the end of a process can be a tedious exercise. While others recommend disposable, plastic-type probes, a major issue about them is the inaccuracy of the result.  On the other hand, many laboratories are small enough to be able to take in bulky automated systems just to satisfy their requirements.

An efficient solution

An effective answer to the issues that concern this mixing tool is the advanced lab homogenizing system that fortunately has become available in the market. It is composed of advanced mixing and homogenizing tools that simplify the processes and so consumes less time, money, and effort of users.

The standard emulsifier homogenizer system is capable of processing as many as six samples all at the same time. It is very quiet and time-saving solution assures the most accurate end results of any homogenization process cycle. With the system’s footprint almost the same as that of a micro-centrifuge, it is able to take up minimal counter area and fits perfectly in fume hoods and cabinets.

The system also assures precise breakdown of samples as well as repeatability with hardly any concern for variations in viscosity or size of sample. This means a significant reduction to the consumption of lab time. A typical processing period involving six samples is about seconds. The system has the ability to process as much as six samples for every cycle; which means the processing of 300 samples an hour. Evidently, the use of this emulsifying homogenization machine offers very high lab productivity.

Automation of homogenizing process

With modern emulsifier mixing machine system, automation is possible. It allows all users to obtain extremely consistent results as compared to conventional or manual homogenizing tools. The system is also able to store and use up to 10 programs of homogenization in its memory. If there is a new homogenizing operation or quick-run, the system many be utilized in manual mode, especially when it comes to individualized processing of samples. All processing is placed inside a unique enclosure complete with a round-shaped polycarbonate door to ensure full view of operation. All program controls are viewed and operated using its LCD screen and unique keypad.

Needless to say, with the continuous supply of better and more effective mixing tools, it is advisable to use the best. And one of them is an emulsifier homogenizer machine, which is sure to deliver the finest homogenized materials that any lab can ever need.

emulsifier homogenizer machine

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