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Drastically reduce cycle times by solid liquid mixer

May 22, 2013

Many times in the process of mixing various solids can separate out and float on the surface. This makes it difficult to out many thickeners and gums. New equipment is available to help combine the mixing of liquids and powders at the same time. This new powder mixer or inductor is appropriately called the solid liquid mixer. This inductor injects powders directly into a rotator which immediately disperses it into the flowing stream of liquid. Most of the time this process can reduce mixing cycles by roughly fifty percent.

The newly designed system prevents dusting as it is using an in-line approach. There are no particles escaping into the air. Of course working in the lab with the mixer allows you to see firsthand how efficient the machine will be. This also gives you the opportunity to see how well the mixer will perform using the ingredients that you are accustomed to using. The entire mixing process is much more productive if you can work closely with engineers.

It is very important for you to know the specific characteristics of the materials you will be using with the solid liquid mixer. The system works well with a wide range of textures and consistencies. Being familiar with your product helps know how much of the powder can be infused into the stream of liquid.

The manufacturer can help you decide the specific configurations that will work best for your mixture. It is about balancing horsepower, rotor size and speed so that the mixer works with your ingredients to give you the desired end product.

Experienced mixer manufacturers suggest using the fastest possible speed for mixing, even if slower speeds seem to work. This optimizes the process of inducing the powder into the mixer. Speeds are adjustable depending on the particular consistencies and needs. However, they remain constant while the powder is being added. Adjustable shear rates help maintain the best balance between the flow and shear. Generally the two stator designs chosen are the square hole disintegrating head or the slotted head. To achieve an increased shear rate the slotted head is used. But for optimum powder induction the square hole is chosen because it offers less overall restriction which supports higher levels of flow.

Anything that inhibits the flow of liquid will end up having an adverse effect when inducing the powder into the flow. To obtain the best rate of performance the greatest velocity of the liquid must be passed through the solid liquid mixer. To achieve the greatest amount of flow use hoses and tubes with the largest diameter that is feasible. Using appropriate valves will help to decrease inhibiting factors. Also keep the tubing as short as possible.

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