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Differences among RX, RS and RB vacuum emulsifier homogenizers

June 3, 2011

There’re 3 different types of vacuum emulsifier homogenizers in our product range, RX, RS and RB. All of them are suitable to make oil and water emulsions and are our main products. The main differences among these 3 types are listed in the table below. Please choose the suitable type according to your requirements.

Max. Size5000 liters2000 liters5000 liters
ApplicationCream, lotion, ointment, toothpasteCream, lotion, ointmentCream, lotion, ointment, toothpaste
HomogenizerBottom entry vertical inline homogenizerTop entry batch homogenizerHorizontal inline homogenizer
AgitatorHoled anchor agitator with bafflesContra rotating agitatorHoled anchor agitator with baffles
Counter rotating agitator
Particle Size2 micro meters5 micro meters2 micro meters
Emulsifying FunctionBetterGoodBetter
Viscosity ProcessedHighMediumHigh
Product CirculationYesNoYes
Self PumpingYesNoYes
Tank TiltableNoYesNo / Yes
Cooling SystemNeeded for mechanic sealNo need for mechanic sealNo need for mechanic seal
Powder ProcessedMoreLessMore
Temperature ProbeTop entryBottom entryBottom entry


To learn more about RX, RS and RB series of vacuum emulsifying homogneizers, please click the links below.

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 RS Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

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