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Description of high shear mixer

June 1, 2013

Shearing Appliance: For That Perfect Perforated Baffle

High shear mixer is your best option for that food or juice processing business you have been planning to start.  The beauty about this brand is that has so many optional-operating systems and all are designed to make your business a very profitable venture. The only thing you will need to consider is the bench for setting your machine; you do not have to worry much about this since your selling agent will inform how to do it correctly. You take that bold step and make you ultimate move to start your own confectionery business today.

The Description of Various Ultimate Dispersers

High shear mixer has several brands that are very ideal. Such machines include: manual operated Pestle and Mortar that are conventional and easy to operate equipment used for grinding consists of an inline or batch shear mixer and a fluid bed dryer; There is the agitator mixer or the ribbon blender; that apply the principle of shearing and convectiveness and  good mixing, blend of exceedingly viscous mass, sticky & dough products that include pastes, rubber & heavy plastic masses; double cone blender without a mixing blade application for homogeneous mixing of dry powder or granules; continuous barrel type mixer principle; in a barrel type continuous mixer pharmaceutical, food, chemical & cosmetic products.

 The Possible Business You Can Venture Into

Once you have made you your decision and have identified your ideal choice of high shear mixer, then you can also seat down and evaluate the type of  business  you want; here below are the possible opportunities you can opt for:

Dispersing Powders:

The disperser is very good for your powder business and requires minimum efforts; only observing the mixing rations and timings to achieve the desired particle sizes and your in business.

High and Low Viscosity Liquids:

This require  that  you start with the densest ingredient and then the lighter ingredient comes in last; save on energy and the best blended results. Your ideal machine can handle any viscosities of any time.

Gums and Thickeners:

Your ideal device has efficient inline high shear mixer, you just add powder to the liquid all at once in a quick, but controlled manner, the shearing takes place the ingredients are swiftly broken-up and ensures that a reliable lump-free solution is achieved with maximum yield and with some constant repetitions until you have the projected end products.

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