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Cosmetic machine, a confusing word

April 28, 2013

A lot of people are thinking of treatments and makeup devices when they hear about cosmetic machines, but that’s totally wrong. A cosmetic machine is a factory component, which is mixing two or more liquids or solutions, to obtain a mass of substance, which will be used for producing cosmetic products such as soaps, shampoos, or toothpaste. The cosmetic machine is just a mixer, which is used in factories, but a lot of people are making the mistake to think that the cosmetic machines are used for beautification. This misunderstanding even created funny moments for some people who searched cosmetic machine devices for home, because they wanted to follow their beauty treatments at home, but the only result shown by the search engines were the big, massive mixers which are used in factories. They were certainly disappointed.

Before the development of the online marketing, those who created their own cosmetic factory purchased cosmetic machines from an online seller, without looking at pictures or reading the details of the product. When the package arrived, they had the terrible surprise to see that they’ve received devices for nail polishing or devices for curing the wrinkles. There were lot of confusions created by a single word.

However, this misunderstanding was solved until now, and people understand the difference between a cosmetic machine and a cosmetic device. Also, those who are looking to purchase a cosmetic device from the online stores can see some picture of the product, and this way, they can be sure that they are not purchasing a very expensive cosmetic mixer, which is used only in the producing industry. Also, those women who are going to a beauty salon won’t ask what kind of cosmetic machines are used to eliminate their wrinkles. This situation was very embarrassing, even for those who owned their own cosmetic factory, because they called the mixers devices. Is true that it’s almost the same thing, but the word device is designed for something small and the word machine for something big, like an industrial mixer.

It’s very important to notice the difference between these two machines, or devices, especially when you work with one of them. The cosmetic machine is something designed for industrial production purpose, and for an easier explanation, is a mixer, which is mixing different types of liquids and substances, in order to obtain the mass product which will be offered to sell.

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