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Vacuum emulsifying mixer industrial applications
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Vacuum Emulsifying Machines

Vacuum emulsifying machine is the major making equipment of cream products in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. It is mixing two or more immiscible liquids or powders into homogenization by the high speed shear head inside the vacuum emulsifying mixer. The vacuum emulsifying machine's procedure is adding liquids or powders into a stainless steel tank with very fast speed rotation, and gradual deformation by shear stress to form emulsification, which is typically used in manufacturing works or small factory workshop. Basically the process is an application of speed-based procedures to attain desired products, through usage of different industrial machines with altered operating mixing systems.

In process world, a lot of manufacturers use vacuum emulsifying mixers and inline mixers to combine various solid, fluid, or gaseous ingredients to manufacture their products, like forming suspensions, emulsification and many other granular forms. Industrial vacuum emulsifying machine is the primary tool in cosmetics, pharmaceutical, adhesives, chemical, drug, food, and plastics industries.

The main features of vacuum mixers are stable operation, low noise, easy cleaning, flexible and continuous running to make the materials in homogenizing, dispersing, grinding and emulsifying. Mixing the materials under rapid shearing, tearing and breaking in the vacuum mixer that includes batch mixer. The bubbles generated by the emulsifying machines will be pulled out outside of the cream by its own vacuum function. In addition, according to the technical requirements of the materials, vacuum emulsifying machines also heat and cool the materials inside the double jacketed vessel.
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